Twilight Forest mod for Minecraft for Windows

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  • V 3.10.1013
  • 4.9
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Free dimension exploration mod

Minecrafters can now take a step through a portal and into the twilight realm. Twilight Forest is a dimension exploration mod for Minecraft. The utility software transports players to a world filled with trees, breathtaking vistas, and other amazing discoveries await you. You will charge through the realm to meet strange creatures and explore dungeons. 

Into the twilight zone

As a sandbox game, Minecraft pushes players to conceptualize and build worlds. Twilight Forest is no exception. The Minecraft mod adds a new dimension to the game, as well as more mob types. These dimensions contain seven bosses that live in its lush and dense forest, each of them has a structure. 

Twilight Forest begins with you creating the portal. The idea is somewhat risky, considering its easier to bring your player to the other dimension. However, the feeling you’ll get from creating your portal is simply magical. You must dig a two-by-two hole in the ground, and fill it with water. Surround your puddle with flowers, mushrooms, and/or ferns. Once that’s set up, you have to call on a lightning strike using a diamond in the puddle. 

Once you’re in the dimension, you’ll notice a significant addition to the mobs and biomes. You’ll find lots of majestic real-life animals as mobs such as deer, bighorn sheep, and bunny. The more mythical and fairytale-like creatures lurk deep within the biomes. These include canopy trees that are twenty to twenty-four blocks tall and also twilight oaks, which are fifty to one hundred blocks tall.  The one thing lacking in this fantasy world is rewards. Exploring won't get you any special resources or tools. Overall, Twilight Forest mod for Minecraft is a must-have for Minecrafters that are into fantasy. It is also for players that are up to the challenge of defeating the bosses in unfamiliar territory. 


  • Considerable number of new mobs
  • New set of bosses


  • Lacks rewards for exploration

Program available in other languages

Twilight Forest mod for Minecraft for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.10.1013
  • 4.9
  • (5)
  • Security Status

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